evaSMART Portable Air Cooler and Humidifier


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Evapolar evaSMART Portable Air Cooler, Purifier, Humidifier is a smart home connected evaporative air cooler. You can control cooling and lighting with a mobile app or voice assistant wherever you are. It can be powered by a power bank, a laptop, or a power socket.


evaSMART air cooler CREATES YOUR OWN COOL PERSONAL CLIMATE using natural evaporative technology, best for hot dry climates

FOR PERSONAL USE - Cools the area in front of the device, approximately the size of a desk, couch or bed



3-IN-1: Cools, humidifies, and refreshes the air for healthier breathing. You don't need to have several devices like air conditioner and humidifier anymore

AMAZON ALEXA COMPATIBLE - Works with various Smart Home assistants like Amazon Alexa with voice commands

MANAGE IT WITH MOBILE APP - evaSMART evaporative air cooler has its' own mobile app to manage all the features and all your evaSMART devices remotely from one place via Wi-Fi

EvaBreeze material has proven its efficiency in our personal air-cooling devices. Product's effect is achieved due to a nano-structure that enables outstanding absorbing capacity, combining both hydrophilic and hydrophobic effects. This allows the material to efficiently absorb water and easily take it into the air.