Read The Policies

This is sad I even have too write this. Its like the gorilla glue girl . It says don't do it but she did it anyways. In others words. PLEASE read the policies and shipping times. DO NOT contact us after your order ships and demand we tell you exactly where it is and make it go faster, and if we cant you will file a chargeback. 

I'm not trying to be mean nor rude, but sometimes people need the honest truth.

Most all orders come with tracking, is it guarantees on Flat Rate. NO. States it in the policy. 

  • Can I force the USPS to go faster. NO
  • If it says USPS currently waiting on the item. It has shipped and they are with a Third party. Yes there is more then just USPS, It is all those trucks and planes that carry goods and stuff around before getting to the USPS. This country could not survive if the USPS alone carried items. Look what happened at Christmas. This way, it prevents back up at the postal service also. Its like Walmart has trucks go to a distribution center, then the items are shipped out into smaller trucks to there local Walmart. The USPS is the local Walmart. 
  • If the Item says Origin (China) do not expect it to get here in 2 days. It will take two weeks. Where do you think most all stuff come from. Take your shirt off, look at the tag. What does it say made in. 
  • Yes some items are made here, they are labeled that.
  • Are all items shipped from over seas. NO. Some are due to shortage to demand of items. They are then flown over to the US. No by boat and stuck in that canal. Is it a bad thing. NO. we a worldwide supplier. When you shop amazon, and us see ship by ,but it doesn't say Amazon. Where do you think its coming from. Don't believe me. Check it out. A lot have American company titles. But check out the supplier bio. Bet more the 75% will say China. 
  • I get it you want your order, but when its been a week since shipping, and you didn't pay for express. You cant yell at me. That's on you. Not saying its bad, Flat rate usually runs about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks. This does not include weekends yalls. Do you get your mail on Sunday NO. So why would you think your package is moving on Sundays. 
  • Am I Amazon and have 2 day delivery. NO ,wait take that back. Well on somethings
  • Do Not I Repeat Do Not Threaten me or my staff. I'm sorry, but if you can be rude. Then we can give it to you straight but with respect. Respect goes both ways and I do not tolerate rude or threatening people. I do not do this to have you scream at us and in the end. Your item arrives a the end of the week. 
  • If we send you an email after you ask where's my shipment a week after it ships and you have 7 - 20 business day shipping purchases. Do not emails us again and threaten us 2 days later. The emails literally state with a link to read the shipping policy. There for if its been a week or week in a half. Your order can have another week. I cannot control the USPS they go off what was purchased. Sometimes items run faster, sometimes full transit time. Depends on the time of year and weather. 
  • In the end, Do not call and demand and be a KAREN. Because I will tell you to go else where and not tolerate it. There is enough hate in this world ,i do not need a Karen bringing it into my store. If you are unhappy, simply ask and i will do everything to fix it. What I cant fix is a bad attitude.

I do care about my customers happiness, but I don't need Karen's bringing me down because they cant read an agreement. That YES. you agreed to at checkout. See image below. But if you want to threaten me. Yes i will cut contact. II will finish the sale agreement and part ways. IF you file a chargeback before your item arrives or finishes Transit., I will show the bank, the emails, Tracking numbers, The agree to terms and all documents. 

Because in the end , I will get your item to you, what i wont do is let you not uphold your end of waiting for me to get it to you and then stealing from me. YES its fraud and theft. 

Do not go omg its little Jimmies Birthday i have to have it. I DO NOT CONTROL THE SHIPPING. I even put an estimated shipping time on the product page. But yet 10% of yalls fail to read the policies and see that. Then email and demand and threaten.

So in the end, When you email us. BE NICE. It will get you a long way. No the Customer isn't always right in todays world. People are down right RUDE. If I do mess up then I will fix it. But demanding and threatening is not the way to go. 

Honesty, you can go elsewhere with that. 

And do not think I will be nice and give you a refund if you filed a chargeback on me before you even gotten your item. THINK. why would i give You money when you just took it from me and made me pay a $15 bank fee and stained my name. Yes it hurts our relationship with the banks and more.

Now if someone here is rude to you and you were not. Believe me, I will be the first one to jump down there throat. That is not how I operate. But again, if you are rude and nasty. We will not be rude. We will be blunt, and have no remorse when you realized you made a mistake.