Filing a false charge back against JFredette

If you are caught committing fraud against JFredette, we reserve the right to peruse all legal actions or charge to the consumer accordingly. Including but not limited to.

  • Blacklisted
  • Pursue legal judgement over fraudulent charge-back
  • All legal cost associated with said charge back and cost to return lost revenue that was in crude by consumer due to filing false charge back. 
  • Charges for product and loss of revenue. Fee listed below will be charged and applied. Fees are assessed from the total balance at the time order was placed. 
  • Transaction fee (4%)
  • Product costs (23%)
  • Marketing costs (35%)
  • Operational costs (20%)
  • Charge-back fee ($25)

JFredette reserves the legal right to either bill or take to court or peruse any and all forms of legal Consequences that apply to the false claim matter. 

Please note:

  • If you file a friendly fraud before the scheduled delivery time has been reached. We will request a 3rd party to collect the money that is owed to us that was taken from your bank.
  • Please allow the full scheduled transit time to take place before filing a dispute with the bank.
  • We will fulfill all items requested and ship them out. If there is a delay or error in shipping, we will notify you.
  • Please be advised that due to Covid-19 some shipments do take longer to arrive, and without confirmed express delivery we cannot give an exact delivery time.
  • We have no control over transit once Items are sent out. We can give estimated time frames for the order but due to Covid-19, those times can increase at any time. We suggest if you need an exact time delivery. To select one of our express delivery options.





1.wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.