Case of the Dirty Pajamas

Below is an image of a return from a customer. Who just didn't want them. At the time I gave the customer good faith that they were unworn and clean. And even though there is a policy for Christmas items , I accepted it for approval. Well, The items arrived and there covered in what looks like animal hair and lint and other stuff. I'm not saying this person is dirty or nothing. But you have to look at it from a retailers point of view. If we send that. We get yelled at by the customer. When we accept some returns were sometimes planning on reselling them if there new and unworn. But if they come in at all dirty, we can not sell them and we lose out on not only that money, but we have already sent out a new pair or refunded the customers money. So, please understand ,when customer services says we can not accept a return based on reason or we denied a return and sent it back. There are other factors and reasons in it. Like this example. And remember would you honestly resale that for someone else to use and put on there skin.