Case of the broken ornament and false chargeback

The customer had her item arrive broken. Which can happen. Nothing is 100% with shipping. But please remember , we are not the carriers. We did not break your items. Please do not call up screaming at us, before we can fix the issue. So, this customer. Received her item damaged. She contacted us and then 5 mins later filed the chargeback. During that time, before we were made aware of the chargeback. We finished her return and had it shipped out. Which you can see she had it delivered. We also asked that the broken one be returned and paid for the label. She waited till after we notified the bank that she not only received her new one ,but refused to give back the damaged one and continued to try and receive her money back on top of that. 

You ask why companies need the damaged items back. Well its simple. First you bought something that we already paid for , so when and item is damaged we will a lot of times need it back due to insurance on items. We would lose money if we paid the shipping to and from for a return and not receive the broken item to submit for insurance. Just like a car, items we buy have insurance to insure there quality. 

In the end you can see that the bank sided with JFredette. And now this customer is on a Black list. Yes, there is a retail blacklist and depending on the stores and systems. Will determine the extent of how it will affect your future shopping. In the end, Don't file a false charge back. And if you received a replacement, cancel and tell the banks. Cause in the end. Retailers do talk to them. And yes it is a crime.